How Deep Do They Go?

For over a month now, I have been researching and studying conspiracy theories that I really have never heard of, and through all this hard work, I have discovered how closely they are related. Follow me down the rabbit hole.

Be careful, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Let’s start from the top

Thus far, I have looked at 11 conspiracy theories that range differently from the mildly humorous to the severely deadly. The ones that we know will not hurt us would be the actual hoaxes and Bigfoot, but it is the deeper ones, the ones that seem to hard to believe, that I have trouble not believing.

Big Pharma is a scary idea, that we have people who know the cure for many diseases but refuse to give out that information because they are making a pharmaceutical company extreme amounts of money. If people remain sick, that company can keep wealthy. GMOs fit within this realm. Our food sources are tainted with genetic modifications to keep the public obese and sickly. Again, to make Big Pharma more money. Can vaccines really change our mindsets to keep us all in control or is it a hoax?

This idea that the wealthy 1% rules the world seems so probable. The more money one has the more power you can obtain. And if only the wealthy are in power, why do they consistently lie to the public about the public’s voice and how important their voice matters?

It is this false hope that keeps the public in line by them thinking that they are as important as a multi-million dollar business owner. But this is not the only thing that is keeping the public in line-

Moral Panic

As I discussed in the first episode, moral panic is the viral panic when certain people claim that others are trying to bring down the traditional ideology of society. That our fabric of life and norms are being threatened.

We see this all the time whenever a major accident happens. People get it stuck in their minds that bad things are going to happen and the outcome will be harmful. But this is not always the case.

In fact, moral panic possibly does more harm than good. In the Momo Challenge episode, I discussed how moral panic caused teenagers more harm because their parents began asking if they knew what Momo was. If they didn’t, more than likely a curious teen will Google it and suddenly get sucked into harm’s way.

We’ve seen moral panic across the ages, especially if it has to deal with religion. Anything that could not be explained as God created, it was “of the Devil.” This went from witch hunts to Pokemon cards of this day and age. This was the “Satanic Panic.”

I am sure that we are going to dive a lot deeper with the next 11 episodes. So sit back. Relax. Buckle up. And don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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