What Are Conspiracies?

How did I get here?

At a sudden time in my life, which was sad and depressing, I found solace in conspiracy theories. The idea that there is something bigger out there guiding us along the way. Is it God? Is it the Illuminati? Is it some man who is sitting behind a computer playing a simulator? This, all of this, sucked me in.

As a child, I really enjoyed the theory behind the Kennedy assassination, how multilayered it truly was. How so many theories claim that there were more than one shooter that killed Kennedy that November day in 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald was not the only killer.

The Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy

I have seen the Zapruder film too many times to count, analyzing it frame by frame. I truly believe there were at least 3 killers November 22, 1963.

Which are my favorite?

I cannot just name a few. There is a collection of conspiracy theories that I will always have my heart set to die on a hill for. The Mandela Effect is possibly the only one that I truly have experienced myself. I love the Kennedy Assassination, MK-Ultra, Big Pharma, the Illuminati, and anything Dan Brown related. You can’t just narrow it down because they are all so intertwined.

Pizzagate is related to the Momo Challenge which is related to any moral panic conspiracy theory which is related to Big Pharma which everyone know has to do with the 1% of the wealthy which of course are the Rothchilds.

These conspiracies only bring me back because of the people that follow them. And that is why I created this podcast.

Be careful out there, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Just a small indie podcaster that loves debunking conspiracies.

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